Monday, May 10, 2021

“A Mother’s Crisis”

 11Kings 4:1-7  She was not left to her own resources.

1. A Mother’s strength.  A crisis will always reveal us.  Need to watch our spirit, when the pain breaks us.

She protected her heart. Did not become bitter.

2. How do mothers make it through it all?  They run to God!!!! Need to go to the place where God can speak to you.

3. God has a plan and a way out. You need to hear from the spirit of God. God can step in and multiply the rest of our life!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

A Supernatural Place Called “There”

 1Kings 17:1-6  

1.  “There” is a place of protection. It matters where you put yourself. In God’s will, we are protected.

Strength comes from consecration and commitment. God honors our faith.

2. “There” was the place of God’s purpose. God’s appointment for service. 

3. “There” was the place of God’s power. God’s place of provision. Not all promotion is from God. 

4. “There” is a place of promise. God’s promises are true, even if we may not know why we need to be obedient to God.

5. “There” is a place of privilege. Supernaturally experiencing more from God. .

Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter - Agents of Resurrection

 1Kings 17:17-24

We are called to be agents of resurrection. Being born again. Having God’s  power in a fallen world!! We have to be a resurrected church of people. Seeing our resurrected life shows that we really are saved. Saved by grace!!!  Having a obedient heart. Getting together and fellowshipping. We need to be willing to lay our lives over other people.  Bringing life to others even if they have nothing to give!!!  

Monday, March 29, 2021

Power of Adaptability - Ability to change ones course

 1Kings 17:2-6.   We must be adaptable to be successful in the will of God.

Sometimes we feel like we are not seen or heard. Which is about our ego, being front and center and full of ourselves. It’s about our soul!!

We need to be flexible, yielding, capable of responding to change of a new situation.

Submit or rebel, we have a chose. We need to yield to the potter. When we find ourselves in Cherith, we must believe that God is doing a good work.

Monday, March 8, 2021

We Need to Talk: Hearing God’s Voice!!!

 Hebrews 12:25-29.  God is speaking. We need to hear his voice. He’s our everything!!!

A. We need to listen up.

B. God chooses the topic and agenda.

C. God goes after our idols.

He speaks to the core issues of our life. He shakes things up.  Why we get discouraged when we draw close to God. Often before there’s a creation, there is destruction.

All said and done being thankful for what has happened. Deliverance!!!

Monday, March 1, 2021

“There is No Fast Forward - the reason we must go to Cherith!!!

 IKings17:2-6. The necessity of this place is essential to our growth. If we opt out, we will never experience God. The cutting away causes the son to be seen in us.  It’s not comfortable.

John 3:30  We need to decrease so he can increase.  What are you hanging on to?

We need to surrender to become humbled!!!! Being obedient to God.

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Ravens are coming 3 - Go Hide yourself.

 Seasons of suffering in silence.  Not just what we do, but who we really are.

There are character traits in us that need to change. God brings life, working things in us.

We must be taught the value of the hidden concealment on the hidden life. The purpose.

We need to want God to change our heart.  It’s a lonely place when God is developing us.

When God cuts into our plans hopefully, we experience more of him.

Can not give out what you have not taken in. Being hidden in Christ.

The Ravens are coming on God’s provision. 2

 I Kings 17:2-6  Totally depending on God. You have my attention.

1. God comes to us with a timely word. We need to leave consequences to God.

2. God commanded and the ravens came. God has not forgotten us.

The things we fear the most, we learnt the most from.

3. God wants to teach us to depend on Him only!!! God help me to depend on you!!!!