Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God moving in Walthamstow...

Recently I did a marriage seminar at the church in Walthamstow, here is a letter from a member of their congregation; check out the photos section to see pictures from the seminar.

" As a member of The Walthamstow Potters House Church for 16 years and married for 12 years, we have always made it a habit to go to the seminars.
This is the second time as a couple that we have heard Pastor Mejia. We were so pleased; we knew how great he was last time so were really looking forward to the weekend. The first talk by Pastor Mejia would have been enough! His opening talk at the Gala dinner was amazing.....
The rest of the seminars were refreshing, inspirational, fun and full of great wisdom, from years of experience.
Thank you for allowing God to continually use your life to bless others."

Mrs & Mr Sahota