Monday, August 10, 2015

The Way of the Father #2.1

The Son and His Sin.    Luke 15:13-19
Can you be depended upon?  Our God is dependable.  Can God use you to build the church?  The people who need the most counseling are not in church enough.  What would happen if you pursued God as you would your job!  Our best is found in God!!!   
As the prodigal son got to a point where he didn't recognize himself in his sin. Sin has to run its course. God's goodness should draw them back and have a personal revelation.   Sin drains us. There should be consequences to sin.  There is right and wrong and morals. His Father needed to be a Godly example to his son. He let his son go. The son didn't want his father to see the things he wanted to do. 
And then he finally took responsibility for his actions and wanted to come to his loving home. His heart was right and he wanted his father to see he had understanding.
1. We need to take sin seriously.  2.  We don't think there are consequences.  No consequence - a person doesn't change!!!  He understood there was forgiveness in his fathers house. He became honest, confessed and repented.  And received his blessing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Way of the Father parts 1&2

The Prodigal - Luke 15:11-21
The son's request is to terminate his relationship with his father.  In his mind he needs freedom from his home. He wanted his inheritance now!!!  You owe me!  You can't run away from yourself.  Need to take responsibility for your actions. Your the problem!!  The Father stays silent. Maybe he knew what his son was thinking.  You can pick up on a bad spirit or attitude.  The son's mind was already made up.  What made him whole was being at home with his father and brother. When he left he needed to find wholeness in a far country. Father had a real life view of his son, knowing he was capable of sin and rebellion.  Sometimes we are blind as a parent.  We do not need to loose dominion in our own life.  We all have a choice to make by doing right or wrong.
Deu. 30:19-21 - Choose life or death.  No one can blame the condition of our life on others.
Can God depend on you?  Don't make me the bad guy when I have guidelines. The Father is not manipulated by the son.  Beliefs will be tested at home.  Have to stand!!!!