Monday, June 1, 2015

The Key to Blessing - Having a Good Life

1Peter 3:8-12. We need to keep a humble attitude in Spirit. We need to lower our estimation of ourselves.  Where does conflict come from?  Selfish ambition!!  The devil exploits our attitude in situations.  Our lips must back up our way of life.  God's concern what comes out of our mouths.
Can't be speaking evil and having a good life!! If you have a disagreement do not retaliate. Speak well of the other person.  Bless those who cures you.  Respond with kind words. We don't deceive.
Don't bait someone into your side. Deception is a barrier. It destroys trust. To restore trust you need to be accountable and trustworthy.  Choose to build up not tear down.  Our responsibility is to please God by doing good.  Healthy relationships are at the core of the good life. What kind of words do you speak?  Run after peace!!!