Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanks Living

Acts 27:24 & 33.
#1.  Thanksgiving anchors your attitude. It's a chose of your will. Outlasting storms by keeping a good attitude. Thanking God at the worst time possible.  
Negative thoughts rob us. We need to keep our focus on God.
11Tim 3:1-3. We can loose the ability to cope. Don't compare. Focus on what's good.
It takes Gods grace to work through it. Thanklessness is a character issue.
Devil fights our tomorrow's not today. We should not take things for granted.
Cultivate Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stay Together in a World that pulls us Apart. Part 3

                                                     The Simple Things
1Tim 4:7-9
We need to exercise spiritually.  Our Life is in God!!!
We need to guard our life and marriage. We need to set guidelines and boundaries. The enemy wants to ruin our souls.  Our life needs to be guarded by the grace of God.
Success is in the way we treat each other.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stop, Drop, and Take Cover

Mary or Martha?   Luke 10:38-42.  With prayer we keep the wisest choices and how to handle these choices. Things can get between you and God. As Martha, we can be troubled by many things.
Think about your life?  We need to stop and talk to God. Mary did. Martha didn't. Have to not loose sight of what's important.  Need to hear the voice of God for ourselves. Mary got it because she listened. Prov. 29:18. We need to have God's vision!!!!! She is famous in the Bible because she listened to God.  Got to make the time!!!!!