Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hope has a Voice

People in institutions loose proper thinking. They become hopeless.
Acts 27:13-17. Living not for Christ, we are sailing through life doing what we want.  Then the weather changes abruptly.  Can go from calm then, a storm hits and God has our attention.  Broken we came to Jesus. Some people are somewhat together, but not living for God.  We are to invest our lives to help others. If you could start over, what would you change?  We need to learn to listen to God.  If we are empty, all we need is Christ!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life's Refill's

The unexpected can take place even when Jesus is there.
John 2:1-11  They needed a refill.  We need a refill sometimes. With God all things are possible.
We need to set boundaries in our marriage, family, and home.
The world will See our witness, when they see God in us.
What has God been telling you to do?  Our attitude should be in having great hearing in what God says.  It has to be priority.  We need to minister to people no matter how we feel. Need to be a channel for God.    We need to fill our life to the brim with God!!!!!