Monday, September 28, 2015

5 Signs of the Elder Son's Heart

Luke 15:28-31.
Five signs of an elder brother's heart.
1.  When you use your goodness to demand your rights everywhere.
2.  He's very angry about how his life is going and he compares himself to others. I am valuable because I am doing good.  How do you interpret your own life?
3.  Another sign is when obeying God is hard and painful.  The attitude is "I have slaved all these years."  No gladness in the soul.  Motivation is wrong. We need a love birth of God!!!
Our delight is in the law of the Lord!!!!
4.  There is a combination here of a lack of joyful assurance and a tremendously judgemental spirit towards others. You can't be judgemental and angry and be connected to God.
5.  In fact it's very sad.....His heart is on things, material things.  That what he cares about more than anything else.  Not God, his relationship, and God's will.

God needs to be able to trust us, to bless us to draw us closer to Him.

When goodness is badness

Luke 15:28-31.  The other Prodigal son. The one that stayed home. He was more lost than his brother.
When the father is having the party he had to go get the older son. He didn't want to be apart. Some of our greatest conflicts come from our goodness?  Jesus gives a warning to good people.  If the older son was in the right place in his heart, he would have been at the party celebrating. How you relate to others shows what is inside of you!!! (Our conduct)  Then the father would not need to go and get him. The older son wandered inwardly from his fathers heart.  Separated him from God.  A good person doesn't think they need God!!! A new covert needs everything from God!!!  If your life is falling apart you see the need for God!!!! And if you use your goodness against God, you think you deserve better because you are good.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Marriage Fables part 1

Ashley Madison- over 40,640,000 members. A group hacked in and exposed everyone. Minimum of 400 Pastors have been on the cite. Families hearts will be broken. It could have been avoided!!!!
The blood of Jesus cleanses, but there are consequences. If they could see the outcome, they probably wouldn't of done it.  Staying together in a world that pulls us apart. Matt. 19:4-6
God created marriage. Don't violate it. It's sacred!!!!
People love fantasy. Fantasy attracts people. It's phoney. You exchange old problems for new problems. You only see the one side.  Good marriages take time and work. We need to go beyond ourselves. We need the Spirit of God and Jesus and you become more loving.  We need to run to Jesus to help us.