Monday, April 27, 2015

Keys to Blessing

Having a good life!!
1Peter 3:8-12 - We need to have a life glorifying God.  To seek peace with God and people.  Show wisdom in your conduct. Life needs to show wise living. Live life in a proper way.  Be commited in growing as a Christian.  Many people choose happiness over holiness. Many lives are destroyed this way. We need to please God no matter what. Turn away from evil and seek peace.  Pursue Godly things.  One of the biggest barriers is "self."  We need to deny our selves. Being of one mind and wanting to help. We are a family. We need to do what we can. Having happiness from living the good life in God!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Even - Don't fool with fools!!

ISam. 25:7-13. Abigail is a wise woman.    David plans to wipe out Nabal. Abigail intervened.  She brings food and sees David and pleads with him. She represents the Church. She steps in and sets them free from the insanity of their lives. She was full of understanding. Standing, not falling apart. A Godly woman who steps in as who she is, to bring encouragement to David. She believes in him. Nabal is experiencing blessing because of his Christian heritage.  Nabal disses David putting him down to lift himself up.  He does because he can, because he has money.
Don't rejoice when someone is struggling.  We let the enemy get under our skin when he is the fool.
Nabal worked at getting David mad. David could lose his testimony.  Can you listen to the voice of reason when you are angry?  Don't fool with fools!