Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Christian, Are you ready to be a Christian?

But, but, but, they made excuses in Luke. So in ....
Luke 14:21  The poor, blind, and lame were invited. People who couldn't repay.  So the house would be full. Compel them. People that could not hang around normal folks.  Spiritually blind and lame.
Blessed people fail to recognize the hand of God! They become forgetful.
We need to put God first in our life.  Always have a dependence on God.  He needs to be formost in our life.  We die spiritually if we do not share our faith continuously.  No matter where we go bring flyers and give testimony about what he has done in your life.
Being involved with Christ is a lifestyle.  Drive of discipleship, man or woman that wants to be used. Its a Heart thing.  Having same passion, same spirit, like-minded. Be like Christ, but be you!,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christian, Are you a Christian 2

Christians that say they are Christians, 94 per cent do not live Christian. We do not do Jesus really good.   We do church good.  But were not being changed. Healthy people never make excuses.  We need to take responsibility.  We are responsible for our own conduct.
Matt. 4:18-19  it was a radical decision, being sold out for Jesus.  They put Jesus first and left everything behind.  In that day and time they new what it meant.  That was in the beginning. Discipleship which is an invitation to participate.
Now in our lives it takes 20yrs to get to the starting point. Its always according to our terms.  We are not interested in the Kingdom of God.
What kind of Christian would I be if I didn't make excuses!