Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Twisted Spirit and Handicap Mind

                                                 Overcoming our inner demons
Why does God allow suffering?  Some of us pull away from God. And it affects everyone around us.    Can we live without answers?
Luke 13:10-13. This woman was crippled by a spirit for 18 yrs. It's not just physical, it is spiritual.  She had a lot of determination. It took time for her health to get like it was. She went to church no matter what!! Now people don't come for the simplest reasons.  What has happened to people's commitments?  Being absent:
1. Teaches our kids about our commitment.
2. People need you at church. We are the body of Christ.
3. It affects our church.
4. Maybe our heart have grown cold.
5. Maybe they like missing church. Just thinking of themselves!!!
Missing church should be rare. We make a difference. When we hang out in church, we grow!!!!

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